LED Music Visualization


The LiveLeds hub is a standalone device that will receive the audio input from a 3.5 mm jack and communicate with the LED controller to display the music in vivid colors and astounding accuracy. Running at 100 FPS ensures that the delay between hearing the audio and seeing the lights react is lower than the maximum threshold of 20 milliseconds that would be perceived as lag. Intelligent algorithms will detect the BPM, pitch and onsets from the music and use this information to create an amazing show.

With the companion app it's simple to choose one of the presets for music visualization or play a curated collection of presets that will keep the music interesting for a very long time.

Basic mode: Select your preferred type of visualization and a handcrafted collection of patterns and colors will do the rest to ensure a great experience. Choose between the INTENSE mode for a good techno & trance party setting, MEDIUM mode for rock & hip hop and RELAXING for a soothing meditation experience.

Choose a color palette from our excellent collection or create new ones to your liking. Multiple palettes can be selected and automatically switched to keep things interesting and colorful.

Expert mode: Full control of the visualizations that allow you to fine tune the sequencers and adjust the visualization properties, color changes, faster or smoother reactions and much more. There are a lot of settings to tweak and refine to your liking. This mode is experimental but in case something goes wrong a factory reset is available.

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